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Specification of PVC Curtain Blue Clear

Andy Jaya Mandiri is a Distributor of Plastic PVC Curtains (PVC Curtain Distributors) is a plastic curtain that is usually used as a cover as well as a flexible and semi-transparent shaped protector. Plastic PVC blinds are usually used in a variety of applications: industrial, storage warehouses, hotels, bakeries, cold storage, refrigeration trucks, to residential. The nature of PVC material as an insulator and is not flammable makes it the first choice used in partition storage space, production room, welding room, washing bay or cooling room.

1. PVC Curtain Door Strips
PVC curtains Door strips are the most restrictive control in industrial and storage space or warehouses that can avoid dust, noise and other hazards in the laboratory and industry, this product is quite economical and fast as an alternative to hard wall structures.

2. Polar PVC curtains (PVC freezer)
Polar PVC curtains are curtains that can avoid and reduce moisture and ice snow formation.
Useful for applications to temperatures up to -40 ° C

3. PVC Curtain Amber (Anti Insect PVC Curtain)
Anti-insect PVC curtains are amber type PVC curtains that function to reduce glare due to bright yellow. Most flying insects identify bright yellow as black and opaque. When this anti-insect PVC curtain is used in opening the exterior, so that flying insects are not attracted to the lights located in the factory room or storage warehouse.

4. Doble Ribbed PVC Curtain
PVC Ribbed Curtain is a PVC Curtain with a unique two-layered rib-shaped model, PVC Curtain is useful for preventing scratches on distribution traffic from forklift or truck vehicles, besides that Ribbed PVC curtain type serves to prevent liquid impurities such as fatty oil. This unique rib design keeps the PCV Curtain strip clean and becomes durable.

5. PVC Curtain Welding (Welding Curtains)
Welding type PVC blinds are PVC blinds to protect from glare, sparks and dangerous conditions when doing welding, PVC blinds can also protect against serious eye damage by filtering harmful UV rays. dark green curtains provide easy access to trolley and equipment from any point in the entire factory room. This PVC curtain allows supervisors to control and monitor the activities and safety of workers in the factory room.

6. Anti Static PVC Curtain
Anti-static PVC blinds are specifically made to reduce static electricity usually associated with plastic strips.

7. PVC Strip Curtain
PVC Strip Curtain is a PVC Curtain that is flat, brilliantly transparent and clear. This is useful for temperature applications at temperatures of 50 ° C to -10 ° C. These are available in clear transparent colors.

Andy Jaya Mandiri is a distributor of PVC Plastic Curtains and PVC Curtain Specialists who sell various kinds of PVC curtain products and various other industrial products such as: Tombo Gasket, Teflon Sheet, Rockwool, Gland Packing, Insulation and other products.

Andy Jaya Mandiri can provide customer satisfaction, provide quality goods and competitive prices.

We accept orders from all over Indonesia using via expedition.

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