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PVC Curtain Plastik Blue Clear
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PVC Curtain is suitable for use in a variety of applications: industrial, bakery, hotel, cold storage, refrigeration trucks, to residential. The nature of PVC material as an insulator and non-flammable makes it the first choice for use in welding room partitions, production rooms, or cooling rooms. PVC strip curtain is a flexible and semi-transparent plastic curtain.

We provide PVC strip curtain in the form of a meter or roll with a thickness of 2 mm x 20 cm, 3 mm x 20 cm and 3 mm x 30 cm and colors that can be adjusted to your needs.

We also provide a hanging system made of stainless steel or galvanized size 1 m (include bricket).

We also accept on-site installation.

Andy Jaya Mandiri provides customer satisfaction, provides quality goods, and competitive prices.

We accept orders from all over Indonesia using via expedition.

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Blue Clear Plastic Curtain

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